Tuesday 4 April 2023

Mountain Guiding in the Cairn Gorms

 Our winter season is coming to a close but actually the climbing conditions in the remaining gullies is really good, One has to take care for loose rocks  but watch the  weather forecast, make sure its freezing on the summits and start nice and early with the aim of getting finished by early afternoon before the snow softens in the spring like temperatures... there is still some good winter  experiences to be had.  Its worth checking the Scottish Avalanche Information Services avalanche reports and blog. Just a touch of fresh snow on the tops and with some wind can transport the new snow where it will gain depth and build unstable windslab onto wind sheltered coire rims and scarp slopes which even at this time of year can be a danger to climbers as they exit the tops of the climbs onto the plateau.

Coire an t- Snechda a glacier cirque or coire landform in the Cairngorm.

Gullies are narrow with firm and stable snow.

No snow no the approach walk, so there is not much trail breaking at this time of year.

I was guiding Luke, it was a cold wild on the tops with the snow firm and stable.

Up to the North-West of Scotland - Beinn Alligin

 A wonderful day was enjoyed at the weekend;

There is not much snow remaining for snow studies but its always worth checking the Scottish Avalanche Information Services (SAIS)web site, last report for this season are on the 16th April.

Rock Ptarmigan- are changing their feather from white to brown a sure sign  that winter must be almost over.

Beinn Alligin 986 m (translates to Jewelled Hill). It has two summits   of Munro status, Tom na Gruagaich 922m  and Sgurr Mhor at 986m . 


Monday 27 March 2023

A fine ski-touring day on Cairn Gorm

 Wonderful weather, chilly but sunny on the tops.  

Skinning up above the ski area

Alma at the Cairn Gorm 

Wonderfull vies over the corries

The was some nice snow as we skied off the summit back towards the piste

Friday 24 March 2023

Family day on the e-bikes

Even mountain guides take the occasional day off... a super day with Alma, Cara and Dave on the local forrest trails;

The occasional showers of rain on our nice 37 km round trip and light lunch at the Boathouse restaurant, Loch Insh.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Chamonix off piste and ski mountaineering

 A wonderful few days in the mountains. 

The Midi Arete 

Christophe and I discussing when we were younger with dark hair...

Descending the arete

Outstandingly fine conditions

Happy days indeed

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Spiral Gully variation - winter climbing in the Cairngorms National Park

There was lots of fresh snow last week with high winds and low temperatures. The granite rocks were plastered with rime ice.

Me topping out, thanks for the photo Keith

Keith in the gully section

Crafty product placement, thanks Gore-tex Eu


From Beallach na Ba to Applecross to Torridon

Some fresh snow.

The buttresses are looking a bit more wintry

View to the sea

Beinn Alligin, at 986m, one of the classic mountains of the Torridon Region. Translates from Gaelic to "Mountain of Beauty" or "Jeweled Mountain'

This is Liathach shrouded in mist and snow showers, its 957 m or 6461 feet.  the gaelic translates to 'the hoary place'.  Freezing frost and coldness