Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Macae, Brazil

It a relatively short flight with Air Farnce/Klm from Geneva, via Paris to Rio de Janeiro and if like me you have just tried to take your clients up Mont Blanc, its easy to sleep the flight time away. Here n Macae, which is around a three hour drive north of Rio, I am working for Ceaser and Fritch Offshore and Washington was there at Rio airport to pick me up and drive me to Macae. Rio looked interesting but we drove by in what seemed like a flash. Macae is an interesting oil town and I have had only had a short twety minutes to wlak along the sea shore where it's a bit overcast with a few large oil tankers moored away out to see, There is the occasional sun bather , but its overcast and windy and I chatted to a small group of surfers not making great progress in the turbelent waves. The IRATA rope access assessments are going OK in the well designed trainning centre. I can look forward to several days of assessing here, the people are keen and overflowing with enthuasiam, its ace and so fortunate to be involved with such a vibrant and ever expanding, innovative industry.
Mean while back home, Kathy is in the lake district and plans are all going well for our Everest trek. The group all fly out with Kathy this Friday and I am sure she will be adding some interesting news and photos to this blog as they progress along the Khumbu to Everest Base Camp!

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