Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Conditions in the Cairngorms

These Ptarmigan were seen in Ciste Mhearad last January. If you look closer you may be able to see that their beaks are in the snow. The reason for this was that they kept getting blown backwards each time they approached the crest of the cornice, with perseverance they all made it in the end. What adaptable little birds!!

The photo of Coire an Lochain was taken around midday today. We still have a temperature inversion as it was freezing in the valleys and +5 on the summit of Cairngorm today. The ground is well frozen and all the boggy areas and seepage on steep ground is frozen solid. There were plenty of Snow Buntings and Ptarmigans flapping about, a perfect day for bird watching. Happy days. Kathy

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