Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Acclimatising for Mont Blanc

Just back in Chamonix from a three day trip in the mountains. With Jon and Jim we did some rock climbing around the cargs in Chamonix and then headed up to spend a night at the Albert 1er refuge. That night it stormed a lot but we made the best of it and enjoyed some fine red wine and Genipie provided by the guardam Claude Charlet. There were several other British guides in the hut with their clients so we had wonderful time. Our plan was to wake at five in the morning, but the thunder and lightning was very dramatic and I woke the guys up at 4.00 am to tell the they could sleep until seven. At seven the storm had more or less cleared and after enjoyable breakfast we headed on up the glacier. Although Jon and Jim are not really climbers I suggested to them that rather than just tackling the normal route on the Aig du Tour we do something a bit more technical. Initially they were really keen but they were not so sure when I pointed out the Table Du Roc, but once we climbd it they really enjoyed the experience! The photos show us on the climb which starts with a climb up the snow and ice gully and then a rtaher fine rock arete which finishes bang on the summit. As you can see its huge smiles all around and the guys made the climbing lok very easy. From there we descended the normal route and traveresed the Palteau du Trient, to spend the night with Terry at the Cabane du Trient ( Switzerland)

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