Saturday, 20 December 2008

A wild but nice Cairngorm Day!

After the hill having had to be closed yesterday as the wind was strong enough to blow the parked cars along the parking lot! Things are much better today, it's still freezing cold with strong winds, crusty sking and some blown snow laying in sheltered areas. There were many people sking and mountainering. Snow wise, a brief rise in temperatures last night caused some avalanche activity with quite a bit of debris seen in the corries this morning. The rise in temperature was brief and now all is frozen and relatively stable. North facing aspects are ace and I dare say corrie rims and gully exits in a south easterly aspect could be full of unstable snow. The Snowpack contains lots of groupel, so it's going to remain interesting .... Life eh, it's like that!

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Dave Emery said...

I might get the bike up there and get some snow practice in