Monday, 14 September 2009

Making Rowan Jelly

Well, Rowans are collected from the local trees ..., and then you try to get all the small leaves and other bits separated out. Put the clean berries into a pot and cover them with fresh highland water. Boil the berries up and then drain it all through a muslin strainer into a big pot. Add about one pound of sugar for each pint of liquid, plus the juice of a few lemons, boil all this up and decant into clean sterilised jam jars.... The result could and should be rather interesting!

Looks a bit pink to me!

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Mike Lean said...

Did you put the whole sink on the stove to cook them, Sandy? Very enterprising. I made a load of rowan jelly this year for the first time too - about 8 lbs - , as well as damson, greengage, worcesterberry, elderberry and sea buckthorn jams. All out of the garden, organic etc. They all taste OK except the rowan jelly, which only seems to offer potential as a pretty impressive and rapid cure for obesity to me.

Bring your own spoon and I will enjoy a tasting session when you are back home. Take care.

Mike Lean.