Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Technical day - Cairngorms National Park

Over the past two days we have had really strong winds with lots of spindrift which has made the climbing pretty unpleasant. (Conditions are amazingly good though!) Also today regardless of all their hard work the Cairngorm road was blown in again and later this afternoon there was at least two feet of snow laying on the road, it's doubtful if it will be open tomorrow! Today we settled for a technical day, covering subjects such as belay skills, abseiling from ice and snow bollards, roping up and taking coils, crevasse rescue and ascending ropes! Later in the afternoon we retreated to Inverness climbing wall. The route setters has been doing some good work there and there are some interesting new problems to destroy ones ego on! The trick is to stay positive, maintain an internal smile and climb on!

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