Saturday, 17 April 2010

Thursday 15 May, SAIS Braemar, farewell

My friend Alan Dennis fly back to Revelstoke this weekend, last Thursday he hosted a wonderful get together and farewell at the Braemar Mountain Rescue centre where we were based for our avalanche forecasting work all winter. The winter season comes to close although there is still lots of snow for ski touring and gully climbing! I too would like to thank everyone at Braemar and Glenshee for being so welcoming to us. The Ski area, the piste drivers, the ski patrol and girls in the staff lunch canteen. Also a huge thanks to BMRT for all their invaluable support and local advise! Colin Bruce , Peter and staff at the wonderful world class ski shop for his help and assistance with hasty and professional ski binding repairs! Thanks too of course to Mark Diggins and SAIS and those who fund( via Sport Scotland) this important work. This year avalanches extended well beyond the recreation zone, stopping trains and closing roads. It's been an interesting, wonderful and experience enhancing winter season. Thanks to all!

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