Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Sadly have to say.. Goodbye, Kurt Albert

Well, I just got back home to Scotland last night and even with all the rain I was in a happy mood. Today, I have been told that Kurt has fallen to his death in the Frankenjura. He sustained serious head injuries and was being cared for at Erlangen hospital where he has now passed away. He was a great man, so nice, an amazing climber and had climbed all over the world from Patagonia to Pakistan and many wonderful climbs in between. In 1989 with Wolfgang Gullich he climbed an outstanding route on Trango Tower named "Eternal Flame" and Kurt's "Fight for Gravity" was and still is a big event.
I have not visited Erlangen or climbed in the Frakenjura for a long long time! Now I realise just how long ago it all was and so many absent friends....Struggling right now to turn a negative into a positive... oh la la, the faster we live the faster the clock seems to tick! We were all so young once, oh to hec with this, we still are and will be!
The above photo is not mine... dig out the slide boxes, scan, drift and re-live the past! Not yet, not yet, not yet!

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