Thursday, 16 December 2010

Glen Feshie, Cairngorm, Scotland

Well, this morning I was determined to have a day in the office, but sneaked a look at Face Book and my pal Andy was on line and one thing led to another and we went climbing!
Interesting photo above, the answer is blowing in the wind of course, transported snow is what snow nerds call it, interestingly right now high on our hills a lot of this transported snow is sitting on a melt freeze or rain crust with solid layers below which are ace for climbing. The trick is to watch it all very carefully, if the rain crust is still wet when the snow falls then the new snow will bond to it, if its frozen, the new snow will probably bond poorly.... also as we walked in to our climb today lots of graupel crystals were visible on my Scarpa Phanthom guide boots. The orange gaiter is perfect for showing up crystals!.....better check the SAIS web site, all the areas were issuing their reports today!

Part way up our climb

Andy and I soloed for a while and then roped up for the technical sections, and ace day out!

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