Friday, 25 February 2011

Reisa national park

We are staying in the town of Sorkjosen tonight and for the past couple of days have been fixing challenges for the show. Nordreisa is the district and its totally beautiful. The National Park was established in 1986 where the flora and fauna are unique to this latitude, although we cannot see a great deal of it right now as its blanketed in snow. The landscape is characterized by narrow valleys and deep ravines that cut themselves into the land like great canyons into the mountain plateau. The Reisa river runs through the park and out to the sea. There are huge waterfalls including Mollisfossen which is 269 metres high. For 140 of those meters the water is in free fall! More info on

We carried out a dummy run on our cliff tops today, it worked well and promises to provide some exciting TV moments!

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