Wednesday, 6 April 2011


An interesting day on Lochnagar today. The classic lower graded gullies are still complete but have areas of very soft snow. The snow pack is wet and there are signs of rock fall. My pal Alan lent me his tube cutter and scale so that I could take some snow density measurements. Very course grains in the isothermal snow pack today with even a layer of slush. Saw a Lapwing and a Curlew on the walk out. All the above indicators are telling us that spring is here, but usually we do get a lambing storm!! Do not casts away your thermals yet!
The spouts are narrow but complete!

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Tom ten Voorde said...

Hi Sandy!

Looks like you had a great time in Norway! And good to hear there still can be done some good climbing in Scotland as well. Althought te snowpack is getting quite 'interesting'.

Kev and I feel really homesick and can't wait to get to Scotland again. Wish it was winter already. But for now, we'll get back to rock- and indoorclimbing.

Thanks for the great trip, valueable lessons and good times.

We'll keep in touch, mabe catch up next year?