Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wonderul Mont Blanc

Its not often that the weather is stable enough to climb Mont Blanc late in the evening but yesterday the 17th Aug was such and occasion. We summited at 7.00 pm and enjoyed wonderful sun set on the descent back to the Goutier Hut where we spent an ace night!

Anthony leads the way with Mark and then John descending from the summit.
You may be wondering why I had three people on my rope, but Luke had to turn back with altitude sickness and Denis a French guide who was working with me and guiding John and Mark, took Luke back down and I continued Anthpony, John and mark on my rope. Luke is fine now although a bit dissapointed with not reaching the summit. He did enjoy the hellicopter ride from the Goutier and blames it all on a hastly eaten Ommlete washed down with a coke from at the Goutier at around lunch time.We all had the meal though so we cannot really blame the cook!

Mark, Anthony, John and myself on the summit.... this photo was taken by Goulven Cucon a Swiss guide who was also working there ..... an ace office!

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