Friday, 30 December 2011

Northern Corries: Interesting climbing conditions

The snow fall of yesterday and the freeze have kind of helped the climbing conditions although its nothing startling, but some of the climbs are white and around 1050m the turf is semi OK so there are some good adventures to be had! There were many people climbing today on many different grades of climbs and there was some bold teams who broke trail through the windslab to the foot of Fiacaill Couloir etc... Interestingly enough while the apron looked loaded the top of of the crag around Invernookie and all looked rather black! By lunch time the snow had started to fall again and the wind blew from a Southerly direction which caused lots of drifting from the plateau. Down at the car park the thaw had started and the roads were very slushy on the drive back home!An experience enhancing day!

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