Friday, 3 February 2012

Rope Access....... update

Traditionally Rope Access workers have used the Petzl Shunt as their main back up when working from ropes, however this may be about to change, but then again perhaps not! Many of the newer mobile fall arresters have teeth which damage the rope in general use and potentially more so in a fall. The complex moving parts have also been known to clog up in a dusty and muck encrusted offshore work environment! Where as the simple design of the much trusted Shut works on frozen, soiled or even grease covered ropes! But the operator must let go of the small towing cord on the Shunt for it to activate properly, but its hard to let the cord go loose in an emergency situation as most humans naturally grip harder! Specific training may help to fight that inbuilt human reaction, but its difficult to prove! Rope access specialist providers especially those who are involved in the removal or application of specialist anti corrosive coatings are not over impressed with the "reliability" of the newer products.

Refer to the IRATA web site for the current statement and thoughts on the Petzl Shunt!

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