Friday, 13 July 2012

Still Climbing on Mazeno Ridge

Those of you following Sandy on the Mazeno Ridge will be aware of the super website which has photos, regular twiiter updates and even audio reports from Cathy O'Dowd.

Despite a post a couple of days ago, it appears the summit wasn't reached. Four climbers: Sandy Allan, Rick Allen, Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa and Lahkpa Nuru Sherpa (I think) reached around 7950m yesterday, less than 200 m from the summit and returned to the high camp ( ~ 7200m after an 18 h day). Conditions are tough with deep snow and high winds 40-50 km/h).

This morning Cathy wrote "Rick and Sandy stay to try again, the rest descend via route we don't know-could be interesting."

The trip is also being reported at an English/Italian mountaineering magazine who have also transcribed the audio reports (big thanks). Their news reports are at:

Wishing them all a good day, lots of positive thoughts.

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