Tuesday, 26 November 2013

British Mountain Guides AGM

 I attended our British Mountain Guides AGM, and dinner and CPD day last weekend. It was a well organised event by the Lakes area . Special thanks to Phil Poole who  must have been hyper busy organising it all on our behalf.  We all enjoyed the best ever dinner!  Our president Tim Walker presented four newly qualified guides with their Diplomas and two older and now retired BMG members, Terry and Geoff were recognised.  Terry was a special inspiration to me personally and since he retired I really miss the fact that I no longer bump into him in the most wild Alpine and Scottish winter conditions.  As a young climber and aspirant mountain guide myself, it was always reassuring to meet him with his friendly, understated manner and listen to his and his clients experiences in white out conditions. Terry was an outstanding ice climber and even when he was older and forced to get replacement knees he could still perform very impressively on the steepest ice pillars!

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