Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Climbing in Slovakia with Kacper TEKIELI -Batizovský štít - (2448 m) Čihulov pilier (V, A1,RP V+ )

This is the South face of Batizovsky, That's the Slovakia spelling, but really I came to Poland to give a Mazeno Ridge lecture but met my friend Kacsper so we ended up doing a nice drive from the Jura limestone crags near Krakow to  Slavakia and did this climb. It took eleven and a half hours from car to car, but t we did the climb in three and a half hours well with inside the suggested guide book time. The approach walk is about three hours of steep walking and like all Alpine areas this early season the snow is hanging around this year so the snow was deep as we walked to the foot of the buttress. We were very selective in our route choice and luckily the south facing pillar was mostly free of snow although there was some seepage but only one pitch was really wet! I was lucky that Kacper gave our climb such  lot of thought and his local knowledge really helpful!

Kacper hanging about at my request for this photo opportunity!

Good lead Kacper

This pitch was wet.

An abseil from the main summit brought us to a ridge traverse and  then  five and half 60 m abseils back down to the start if our climb.

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