Saturday, 2 February 2019

Adam Watson RIP

Adam Watson, Mr Cairngorm - an inspiration to me. It, s sad to say that Adam died on the 23 January, he was a good age and had an amazing life. He was an extraordinary man. When I was16 years of age walking alone in the Cairngorms I met him on one of my long walk when I spent lots of time walking and exploring on the Cairngorm plateau. I used to have long chats with him and he always seemed interested in what I was up to. At that 'young' age I was to shy to ask his name and really had no idea who he was but eventually I found out.
Adam will be sadly missed. He was a very humble man with vast knowledge of everything to do with the Cairngorms and also snow.
Adam Watson: 4 April 1930 - 23 January 2019, FRSE, FRSB,FINA, FRMS, FCEH mountaineers, biologist and ecologist.

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