Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A local ski tour on Cairngorm

Please be aware of current mandatory travel restrictions in Local Authority areas within Scotland and respect local communities by referring to current Coronavirus guidance. Please refer to the following information for hillwalkers and climbers and snowsports on ski and board

A ski tour on Cairngorm today. The gate on the ski road is closed by the Hay field,never the less even with the extra hour or so i takes to ski or walk up the icy road there were a few locals out and about on the hill today. Its impressive that it is local people as I feel it shows that or outdoor community are really trying to fit in their exercise yet keep to the guidance. Stay local/ stay safe.

Ski conditions are not as fine as they were but its still very good. There is some crust and wind blown snow and today the light became a bit flat as the hours passed visibility remained pretty good.

View down through the ski area towards Loch Morlich an Aviemore from around  point 1141.

and view further to the North-East

 There is plenty snow at the Hayfield.


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