Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Great skiing on Cairngorm later today

Early this morning the conditions high on the hill were pretty awful, white-out and strong north westerly winds carrying some precipitation. Any slope of a southerly- easterly aspect will be very dodgy . Crag aprons, scarp slopes and descent gullies will be very interesting indeed. The snow is ace for skiing upon although it was only by mid-afternoon that visibility improved enough to think about increasing ones speed on the old boards! Cairngom Mountain was open but the upper runs were closed due to the high winds and lack of visibility. There are some ice patches forming on the narrower pistes but then again, there is enough fresh soft snow to avoid them. On the upper runs many of the snow fences are buried so look out for the tripping hazard of the occasional fence post sticking just a few inches up above the multi-layered and freezing snow pack!

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