Sunday, 23 March 2008

Northern Corries

Today it was Red Gully which is a good winter climb. At Grade 11/111 it is one of the best climbs for its grade in the corrie. The lower narrow chimney had ice in quantity and Tim and Wayne enjoyed the challenge. Today has been blustery with lots of graupel and spindrift blowing from the North, so between the cold wind coming at you from behind and cascades of spindrift pouring from above, its pretty unpleasant or perhaps I should say, wonderfully "character building"! Although really us locals refer to such an upward thrutch as "perfect" and such conditions are often described as"Full Scottish winter conditions".
Actually, it's OK if you can cover every inch of skin, if not it's Mr. icicle face complete with frozen snotter!
Och aye, what a game it is, it's a total blast to have such amazing conditions for Easter and even on the ski slopes those who braved the elements have had wonderful snow. Long may it continue.

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