Monday, 28 April 2008

The bucket list

Jack Nicholson features in several extraordinary movies. One of his newer ones is named "THE BUCKET LIST". Several months ago I was asked by Kay to guide her Mum ( Hildergard) down the Vallee Blanche as part of her Bucket list. We skied the vallee blanche yesterday and here are photos of Hildergard ( White jacket) and her daughter Kay ( Pink) , John and Kathy all cramponed up and making their way down the arete du Midi at the start of the Vallee Blanche. The next photo shows us on the Mer de Glace and the top photo is the group admiring the wonderful rock and ice climbs on Mont Blanc du Tacul. The large continious buttress is the Gervasitti Pillar and the shaded ice guly between "Super Couloir". We had a fantastic day in brillaint Alpine weather with outstanding snow conditions. Hildergrad skied really well and made it look very easy! Apologies to Jack Nicolson, but this truly is, "as good as it gets"!

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