Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mountain Culture

The opening of the mountain art exhibition (Peat Light) at the Ceilidh place Ullapool was well attended on Saturday evening. There was plenty of talk from climbing tales of terror to bothy ghost story's. (A lot of Joy's work features remote mountain locations and bothy's. This painting on the left was one of a few that was sold that evening.
The exhibition is on for five weeks in total which leaves plenty of time to go and have a look.
Onto a sad note: Yesterday a light aircraft crashed in the Cairngorms, it was blizzard conditions and one person was killed. The pilot was very lost and flying too low in poor visibility unfortunately he didn't make the summit of Cairngorm and ended up just outside the ski area at a place called Marcus Well. The body and craft was located today.

Kathy (Nature Rules photographer) examining some of her wild weather work.

Dave Cuthbertson (Cubby Images) and Artist Joy have a few drams and talk about art and mountain images.

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