Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Orbs at Newtonmore

We are curently moving house and office to Newtonmore where we have got a former police house complete with an old police staion! Eventually this will make a great home, office and adventure equipment storage area. Kathy keeps seeing orbs and there is one photographed with her as she does some fine wood sanding on the stairs. It's not trick photography, (as she is quite keen to work!!!) but hopefully you can see the small ball of light and it really is there!
So, the DIY is moving on and all will be ship shape soon enough and perhaps more Orbs will be caught on camera.
It's fatastic weather for repairing the flat roof and also for climbing. Some friends from the west climbed at Binnein Shuas yesterday and said that Ardverikie Wall was dry, dry, dry! We will be back climbing soon!

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