Sunday, 25 May 2008

Walking in the lakes

Belted Galloway's graze on Holme fell with Coniston lake in the distance.

The long dry spring is continuing here in the lakes and in Scotland which is great for rock climbing and walking, but not so good for growing new lush grass in the higher fields. Local hill farmers are finding that some of their fields are not turning green quick enough to keep their new lambs and sheep there but its still a little cold to send them to the fell to mature before some of them (usually the males) head off to market. Grey squirrels are also becoming a pest driving out the red, but culling does go on in the area either with farmers lad using an air gun, or more naturally buzzards find them a hearty meal. One was even spotted by the local farmer at 350metres just below Wetherlam 762m; although a pest the poor little mite didn't survive as "Moss" the sheep dog caught and killed it then preceded to eat it whole! Sorry for the gory details but apparently when animals eat small creatures in this way it is supposed to be good for digestion as the victims fur cleans out the intestines of the animal. Isn't nature marvelous!

If you like walking and enjoy learning about your immediate surroundings, our Team Ascent International mountain leaders are always keen to share their knowledge of the areas visited. See our website for more details on treking and walking in the UK, Alps and Himalayas.

Corran and Lassie enjoy their morning walk.

A Herdwick "yew" with her lamb.

Please remember, it is still lambing time and dogs need to be kept under close control or on a lead when around sheep.


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