Monday, 4 August 2008

Gran Paridiso

The Gran Paridiso is the highest mountain in Italy, some may argue, but it really is. There are higher ones but they border with Switzerland The Gran Parisdso is the only on ethat sits totaly in Italy. Last Thursday and Friday the conditions were really poor on Mont Blanc with fresh snow and eletrical storms where unfortunatley some groups were struck. So, no one made the summit over those few days, so James, Jon and I decided to cut our losses and turned back at the top of the Bellevue cable car after speaking to some retretaing Mont Blanc guides and their clients. Instead we headed away throught the Mont Blanc tunnel to the famed Paridiso national park and spent the night in the Refuge Chabod and climbed the Gran Paridiso on Friday

The Mountain Guides who did the first ascent of the Gran paridiso.

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