Saturday, 23 August 2008

Italy rocks!

The weather has been quite wild here the high mountains around Chamonix and last night it rained so much in the valley that everything was soaking wet this morning. It must also have put down quite a bit of snow at altitude.
Rather than hang around waiting for better weather Lisa , Neal and I drove through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy and rock climbed in the peaceful Valley di Champorcher above the Val D'Aosta.
We have had a superb day of technical rock climbing in glorious sunshine. Returning to Chamonix this evening we had to endure about an hours wait in the traffic ques at the tunnel. As we popped out of the tunnel the weather was still not so good in France. The mist is still down low but the air is cooler right now as I sit outside the Chamonix tourist office posting this blog. It's forecast to be a good sunny day tomorrow. Rock on!

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