Monday, 26 January 2009

Climbing on Hells Lumb today

Kiwi Gully on Hells Lumb was in nice condition today! The above photo shows raised foot prints, which gives an clear indication of the fact that there used to be quit deep snow there, but is not there now!As its all been transported elsewhere by the strong winds yesterday. I wonder where its gone? One of the question mountaineers ask themselves when they see these "raised footprints" as sure as anything it means there is wind slab and instabilities on the lee slope! The other photos show Stephen having an ace climbing time!

Well, you may be wondering why it is called Kiwi Gully? I met an old old local mountain guide in the Cairngorm car park tonight and he said the first ascentionist, Tom Patey found the remains of a Kiwi while he did the climb!!! Apparently he reckons that Kiwi's ( From NZ) were common in the Cairngorms until the were replaced by the Dotterel and Ptarmigan.... I think he was telling fibs myself!!!!! Does anyone know why its called Kiwi gully?

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