Monday, 12 January 2009

Latest conditions

There was a big thaw on Sunday after Saturday's snowfall. Very strong winds with gust of over 111 mph over the summit of Cairngorm were recorded. The top car park was closed to the general public as the wind had managed to tear off a part of the day lodge's chimney in the ski area and bits of debris were flying through the air; it wasnt the safest place to be. This included a long javelin type piece of metal which manage to embed itself into the side of the building (it's OK it's safe to go back up again!).
The weather has calmed a little now and the freezing level is beginning to fall which will improve climbing conditions. As you can see from the picture above of Aladdin's Buttress and the Trident Gullies there is still plenty of snow hanging around.

Coire an t-Sneachda today.

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