Sunday, 8 February 2009

Benn Udlamain- ski mountaineering

A grouses snow cave where it spent the night! It's tracks, and droppings are also shown - the skis of course are mine!
A mountain hares snow cave seen today. Note that it's all cleal and tidy!

Beinn Udlamain 1010m summit, my shadow is in the fore ground looking nothwards up the A9 with the slopes and tops of Meall OdharMor and Carn na Caim (941m) on the other side of the busy road.

Well I started the day trying to pollifilla small dents and scratches in the internal walls of my former Police Station ready for painting and as I had enough of D.I.Y, I dressed in cleaner jeans and visited St Brides Parish Church for the 11.15 service here in Newtonmore. An ace experience and one I should probably do more often (Calvinistic comment I know, spot the Highlander!). Having said that I frequent some of the most amazing mountains of the world and these are my cathedrals and churches made (like all of us) by an outstanding architect.
A small lunch and then I drove down south again , along the A9 for a few miles and skied up this wonderful hill. There are wonderful conditions for ski mountaineering right now and it seems that there is even more snow and cold weather on the way. I am sure its frustrating for those caught up on motorways and no doubt every media reporter BBC, ITV, Sky and so many more will be telling us their negative views on snow.... how can we find a way of changing that perspective?

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Dave Emery said...

The weather looks amazing Sandy!! Lucky boys home on pay. The weather is dam hot out here im heading up to Mt cook on friday cant wait.