Monday, 23 February 2009

Rainy day on Cairngorm

It's mild here with rain falling on the summits today.With Alison and Julian, we managed to skin up to the summit of Cairngorm and enjoy some piste sking on the way down. High on the mountains there is still a lot of snow so a slight drop in temperature is all it needs for good conditions to return. Cairngorm Mountain has still a good depth of snow on its upper runs and you can jsut ski down to teh car park, but as you near the day lodge its worth taking of your skis to walk back the last 30 meters or so, Buttress climbing is out now but the gullies remain full but waterfalls are forming, again if a freeze comes which is forecast then it will be really good again. We also practiced some hauling systems on large patches of snow near the Cairngorm Mountain car park...all in all, a good interesting day! We did not see any SAIS avalanche observers on the summit weather station pylon ( please refer to the SAIS blog!)

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