Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hot aches and the Forth Road Bridge

As well as climbing and mountaineering I have been spending some time working with Steel Erectors on the Forth Road Bridge. We, that's Rab and I were working for wwww.sgaccess .co.uk and were on night shift . (It's not a good idea to be swinging large steel beams about when there is lots of traffic!) As a result of the winds and rain followed by freezing conditions, wearing industrial clothing rather than the cozier stuff we can wear on Mount Everest etc.. hot aches in our fingers and darkness meant that none of our photos turned out as good as this one that Will and Calum took!
Back at home Cairngorm Mountain had the skiing open and apparently it was pretty good. Climbing wise - Andy, John and Jon were out and reported good snow and mostly frozen turf on the higher crags!

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