Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wild on Cairngorm today!

The day started out fine but by 10.00 am it was getting quite stormy on the hill and by 11.oo am it was to wild for Kathy and I . We were hoping to get to the south side of Cairngorm to observe snow conditions for the SAIS avalanche report, but after getting part way to Ciste Mhearad the risk assessment we carry inside our head was automatically reviewing itself by the second! We decided to retreat and navigate our way back towards"Cairngorm Mountain's" ski areas and find a semi- sheltered spot to dig a snow pit at slightly lower altitude toward the Fiacaill a' Chorie Chais. Results are on the SAIS report and web site. The snow is superb for skiing and the forecast is much better for tomorrow, so lets hope that they get the ski road open and we can all enjoy the snow! Climbs may well be plastered with fresh deep snow and the avalanche risk is considerable, from East through south to North-West
I know that the above is a rather sweeping statement.... but the wind has turned today and there is lots of snow to blow into lee slopes and care will be needed exiting many gullies. Stay sharp and it should be an ace day out there tomorrow!

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