Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Mountain Gurus

Bill Smith and Alan Dennis on Glas Maol ( 1068 m)

Today I was working in Glenshee with Alan Dennis of the Scottish Avalanche Information Service (Sais) http://www.sais.gov.uk/. On our way back to the office after digging our snow profile and while continuing doing our observations we met the ski patrol who were busy with the piste machine drivers preparing to open the higher ski runs on Glas Maol. Ski patrollers are members of the British Association of Ski Patrollers (BASP) which was formed in 1987 to standardise training and grading of ski patrollers. They are also un-sung hero's of all the Scottish ski areas, starting work early in the morning and finishing once we all go home after a safe days skiing. Many of the ski patrollers are excellent first aid trainers and you can find out more about their excellent courses on http://www.basp.org.uk/
OH, by the way: The off-piste skiing ( and on-piste too) is really great!

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