Friday, 12 February 2010

Rope Access- the new Petzl Rig

Candidates undergoing an Irata assessment's today at Talon, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen

Is this at last an effective replacement for the STOP? ( above image: the Stop is Blue, the new "Rig" is black)
In industrial rope access we have been using the Stop for over twenty years and it's been a very reliable piece of equipment. However we have been looking for a replacement and I think this is it. Like the Stop it is also designed by Petzl, the" Rig" is a self braking descender ( Certified to EN 12841: 2006: Type C and also NFPA 1983 (2006 ED) and is a type C rope adjuster used to descend the work rope. The "Rig" is a braking device for on the rope and allows the user to manually control the speed of descent and to stop anywhere along the rope by releasing the handle.
It's a great user friendly device and exactly what we now require in Industrial Rope Access.. remember, you read about it here first!


TMR said...

It seems like a great piece of Rope Access kit.

This has been getting very good reviews by users in the rigg-access forum. See more info here:

Héctor said...

Smaller, lighter and easier to use than the bulky ID!
Good blog, btw, i added a link on my website (

jameswnstock said...

This is a great rope access device kit. This is very useful in industrial use, High Access Jobs.

bradholister said...

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