Saturday, 13 November 2010

Stuck in Lukla

Text message from Sandy (5.30pm Nepal time) - well several text messages..none complete, each text delivering another few words. However:

Becky, Geoff and Sandy have now been in Lukla for two days and unfortunately cannot fly out as there is rain and mist. ..unsuitable weather for fixed wing aircraft. This is especially so in Lukla whose airport is surrounded by steep sided mountains. The group are now booked on a flight that is due to leave tomorrow morning but the fog shows no sign of lifting. Fortunately their international flights are still some time away. Apparently the economic rules of supply and demand are operating to excellent effect for chartered helicopter flights with extortionate fares, which rise alongside the increasing backlog of people. On the good side, there are many bakeries and a "cafe society" is being enjoyed by all as they meet new people and share mountaineering experiences!

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