Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Summit success

Baruntse from Base Camp

A fragile edge! Descending the ridge from the summit!

Lhakpa Jarok, Becky Bellworthy and myself on the summit of Baruntse 7129m. 5th November 2010

We are back in Namche, the sherpa capital, and oh it is so ace to be back. First of all I wish to thank my sister Eunice and my daughters Hannah and Cara for being on standby for updating my blog. We have had a really good and very lucky trip. Mera peak was summited by all our group and then Geoff, Becky, our three wonderful climbing sherpas Lhakpa Sirdar, Lhakpa Jarok, Pasang and myself all reached the summit of Baruntse. Geoff and Pasang arrived on the summit at around 8.30 am and Becky with the three of us arrived at around 9.30 am. That's why you will not see any photos of Geoff here as it was too cold for him to hang around for us on the summit.
Becky is a world record holder now as she is the youngest lady to have climbed Baruntse! At 18 years of age its quite an achievement and Team Ascent are delighted to share this with her!

Unfortunately I have some sad news to report as on the 23rd October a famous sherpa and good friend died fixing ropes on Baruntse. Chewang Sherpa, 43 years of old and has climbed Everest 19 times fell while fixing ropes on Baruntse. Chewang was working for another expedition , an American team, but he had been my sirdar on Shishapagma and our tracks have passed in the snow so very very often!

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