Sunday, 17 May 2020

Alpine Club cast of the Mazino Ride of Nanga Parbat

My climbing friends Rick Allan and Cathy O'Dowd spoke about our first ascent of The Mazino ridge of Nanga Parbat last week via a zoom meeting to the Alpine Club. Unfortunately I could not make it as due to the Covid-19 lock down I am assisting a local farmer with his lambing and other farm work an I was out in the fields lambing sheep as the talk took place. One could easily assume that there is no connection to our friends in the the high mountain areas of Pakistan to a remote farm near my home village of Newtonmore, Scotland where fine quality mutton/lamb and beef products are born and raised. We use Himalayan Salt (from Pakistan) as mineral for our cattle and sheep.
The photos below illustrate this. Also you can find a link to the AC Cast - Mazino Ridge, Nanga Parbat presentation:

There is link to my book, In Some Lost Place- the first ascent of the Mazino Ridge here at my publishers. If you wish to book me for  lecture or buy one of the few remaining hard back copies, signed copy one can contact me at:

Salt Lick for the cattle, are the way from Pakistan

Galloway cows survive outside through out the winter.

Back Face rams.

General view around Laggan, by Newtonmore.

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