Thursday, 28 May 2020

Covid-19 TEAM ASCENT LTD-Update about our mountain guiding service

An update from Sandy Allan BMG/IFMGA guide trading as Team Ascent Ltd: 

In the last few days the French government introduced a 2 week quarantine period for all UK arrivals into the country. This now matches the UK's position, naturally causing complications with our Alpine trips based from Chamoix, France. Although Spain and Greece are lowering their quarantine time as I write this update the Austrian mountains are opening up. Chamonix cable cars and mountain railways are opening at weekends. So its safe to say that in general the situation is quite fluid and our freedom to travel and mountaineer may return soon. We may not be able to take larger groups but as you will already know we tend to run private courses with low guide to client ratios and assuming the "R number" remains low we can assume that we will be able to enjoy our Scottish outdoor environment soon enough.

I remain optimistic that these measures while necessary and sensible right now could well change at quite short notice and we will have freedom to travel. England is opening up and Scotland seems to be only a few days behind.

While we know our mountains aren't going anywhere, it's disappointing to put dreams, challenges and adventures on hold for the time being and I fully appreciate the inconvenience and disappointment this may cause but its important we all stay safe and behave responsibly.
I will be guiding in Scotland, UK as soon as we can and we will be offering summer hill walking, general mountaineering, rock climbing including transferring skills for gyms and bolt climbing to traditional climbing. We will also  run our normal skills courses such as navigation, rope work, and so on. Please phone or email Sandy if you wish further information: mobile 07760320069
Thanks for reading and we hope we can continue our outdoor activities soon. 
28 May 2020.

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