Friday, 14 November 2008

Assessmnet of IRATA technicians

I have been in Aberdeen assessing trainee rope access technicians today. Mike Bushneen and Alli Coull work as IRATA rope access trainers for Ian at Talon NDT limited and provide a fantastic service. It has been an interesting day and all 6 candidates passed with flying colours!
The weather has turned a bit milder and it was plus 2 degrees at the entrance of the tunnel for the Blue funicular on Cairngorm mountain, so I assume the snow would have thawed a lot. The forecast is for this mild weather to continue with high winds tomorrow. Thanks to Heather and the other fantastic forecaster we have at the Met office this spell was predicted, hence many of my friends and climbing guides have booked themselves on first aid courses! Which was an incredibly sensible move as it would have been quite miserable trying to climb today!

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