Saturday, 22 November 2008

Rope Access and Winter climbing and absent from Kendal Mounatin FIlm Festival!

It's been a cool couple of days with snow returning to the NE of Scotland, which made it awkward for me to travel to Talon NDT in Aberdeen to carry out an Industrial Rope Access assessment on Friday. All candidates passed and performed to a high standard.
Today in Cairngorm the visibility was not great and the high winds made for a high chill factor and fingers and exposed skin were chilly all day. Ice is beginning to form, but climbing is scratchy and apart from torquing and jammed picks, conventional ice tool placments are not great. Turf is freezing higher up and routes such as Fingers ridge and the Seam were climbed. The approach through the boulders is hard work as the snow has not consolidated much. Between hill walkers and climbers there were quite a few active people on the hill today so a good trail was established by nightfall! There is quite a bit of wind crust and small areas of wind slab. Sunday is looking good and the Cairngorm Mountain snow plough drivers were activley keeping the access road open. By tomorrow night it may warm up a bit, so enjoy the weekend! The Brewery bar will be deep with climbers as I write my blog and they will be swallowing delightful beverages between the amazing films and lectures being held at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are!

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