Monday, 17 November 2008

Hill walking - Boar of Badenoch

739m is the height of the Boar of Badenoch ( An Tor) is its local name and is situated just west of the A9 at the summit of Drumochter. The peak is surrounded by interesting Munro's and is also home to herds of Red deer. In the first photo you can see the scars of the A9 and along side this the line electricity pylons marching through the glen. Currently there is a contraversal planning proposal to build a line of much larger pylons along this route to carry new power lines from the renewable wind power generated energy which are planned for the north of Scotland. It's obvious to the majority of local people that the new larger pylons would be a major intrusion into this wonderful landscape. The planning application has gone to enquiry and we still await it's findings and recommendations. Many feel the new power lines should be underground or take a sea route... all of which are at this stage more costly options, but then again, in the longer term, they are planning more and more wind and wave power generation for the north of Scotland and to get the power to our neighbours in England, the power has to be transported from the North to the South, so none of us, even those down south who really on our environmentally reliable power want to blot the highland landscape just so that they can have a TV in every room of their houses.. so lets hope that betters sence and long term thinking take priority over a cheap commercial quick fix! Meanwhile us locals simply have to wait an see!

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