Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sad News

Nanga Parbat has once more lived-up to its name of "Killer Mountain" and claimed the lives of two more climbers. One member of the Austrian Team, Wolfgang Koblinger disappeared just below the summit and Miss Go from the Korean team fell on her way down from the summit between Camps 2 and 3.

This news came through just after speaking to Sandy yesterday and elation quickly transformed to dismay. Before going too Nanga Parbat Sandy found himself re-visiting the places he ventured as a child, places where we as a family played. Unlike the rest of us, he knew where he was going and the risks he was taking. As for me, about a week into the trip my brain located the file of the "The Naked Mountain" and "Nanga Parbat Pilgrimmage," books I had read many years ago. Since, then I have been a wreck, all the time pretending to be calm. I have sometimes climbed with Sandy, even in the Himalayas, and still I do not know what this game is about. Somehow, I do not think its really about a summit, its perhaps more about self respect and dignity. We are so lucky, it is not our brother, sister, daughter, son, friend or acquaintance that has lost their lives. My sympathy goes out to all of them and I hope that they can find an understanding that will give them peace.

I have heard from him today, all is well. He and Rick are making preparations to leave.

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