Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Going Up Again!

Super phone call from Sandy today. He's sounding good! Saying hello to everyone. They have had a huge amount of snow. However, it was clearing last night so Rick and some of the Austrian team decided to go up the mountain. Sandy stayed at BC waiting for the snow to consolidate. Watched a huge avalanche come down the couloir. Everyone OK, but they apparently decided to stay at Camp 1 today!

Sandy was planning to leave BC with two high altitude porters today and meet the others at Camp 1. He would stay the night there. The forecast for the next couple of days is good so they hope to try and establish Camp 3, fixing more ropes as they go. Pleased that the TNT "late" gear has arrived as after borrowing equipment for Camp 2 they now have their own gear for future camps.

A special mention that the Mountain Equipment gear is performing well as are the Primus Stoves, all coming into their elements as things get serious.

Mr Stoats man chilling!

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