Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Au revoir Ed, till next time!

An avalanche cloud over base camp

News from lots of different people in the last day or so (thanks for the various phone calls and emails!). Everyone having a good rest at base camp and sounding up beat! Waiting for the weather to clear and then hoping to go back up the mountain. Very pleased about their acclimitisation at Camp 2.

The disappointing news is that Ed has now left the expedition and is making his way home. He emailed me to say:

"Following the success of Sandy's Pakistani Diet Camp, I was allowed to leave after losing his allocated couple of stone. Unfortunately due to a combination of no food or liquid staying in me, a little trip down a crevasse, and generally feeling that I should not be on the mountian anymore; I decided to head home. The descent started off beautifully, the thaw had changed the upper valleys, and the plant and animal life and smells were returning. After passing through a small decideous forest and then pine wood, we came across the mountain villages again, with their intricate irrigation systems. The land soon changed to the desert type valleys, with the Indus churning away below, and the temperatures rising to the 40's. It was at this point, unfortunately, that one of my bags finished up taking a trip down the cliffs and off down the river.... And then the jeep ride to Chilas along the ridiculously narrow roads following the cliff contours. It was amazing to see Nanga Parbat, and great to be climbing with Sandy and Rick (if only to camp 1), and it was a hard decision to leave, but the right one for me this time"

No doubt we will hear lots more news from Ed and hopefully some mail etc. We wish him many varied and tasty meals.......There's always gonna be another mountain.

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