Friday, 19 June 2009

19th June 2009: Camp 1 and Back Again

Another unanticipated phone call from Sandy.

Ed (now feeling fine), Rick and Sandy went up to Camp 1 today (so much for resting eh!). Reckons that Camp 1 is at approx. 4860 m. They cut out two platforms for tents and then went back to BC. Weather good though a lot of snow around and even although there is a Korean team on the mountain, there is a lot of trail breaking needed.

Altitude gear has still not arrived... So much for TNT, payments of extra cash has only resulted in empty promises. No-one very impressed at the moment!!! Have tried to find out what is happening but my attempts have failed. Very helpful woman on the phone but not having a consignment number or a zip code for Nanga Parbat has proved an insurmountable problem!!! Any suggestions helpful?!

Anyway, fortunately Rick had stashed two tents from a previous trip and the plan is to take them up to Camp 1, hopefully tomorrow. Then come down and have a rest day.

Mr Stoats man busy brewing bed tea so no news from him tonight!

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