Wednesday, 24 June 2009

5400m and Aiming Higher!

Sandy and Rick did really well yesterday and reached 5,400 m. They returned to Base Camp last night where Ed remains unwell. Later on today, they hope to climb up too Camp 1 and spend the night. Tomorrow they aim to reach the area where they will establish Camp 2 (6025m). They will hopefully dig out a ledge for their tents before coming down (too high too sleep there on their first visit). A storm is forcasted for the weekend so they fully intend to be back at Base Camp by then, to rest and see how Ed is progressing.

Mr Stoats man is hanging out with Ed at BC, somehow feels more secure with him! Infact, looking at this photo of Sandy and Ed, its smiles all round!!!

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Katie said...

Get well soon Ed. We're all thinking of you. x