Sunday, 14 June 2009

Chilas. Personal Protection for Stoatman: 14th June 2009

Sandys sister here!
Phone call from Sandy this morning at his local time of approx. 3.30pm (he still has mobile contact!!).

He is delighted with the fast progress of the trip. They have now reached Chilas having taken "vans" up the Karokoram Highway. Pretty exciting in that they had a police escort for part of the way (near the Swat valley and the Taliban/Pakistan fighting). Stoat Man very excited as at one point a policeman armed with a machine gun sat beside him in the van to offer personal protection. Being from the refined city of Edinburgh Stoat Man has never ever encountered such happenings before, but luckily he is made of "strong stuff" and bore the situation with poise and dignity. Fortunately they saw no sign of fighting, refugees etc. A relatively easy journey (is the KH ever easy??). By now, they will have reached the "road head" where they will camp and meet their porters. Tomorrow they will start the 3 day walk-in to their base camp. Everyone getting on well with only Sandy suffering a slight but not atypical, travellers problem with his digestive system! Weather is OK!!

So, as we sit and have our Sunday roasts raise a glass to cheer them on their way!

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