Thursday, 4 June 2009

Nanga Parbat Climbing Permit and making Jam

At long last our climbing permit for Nanga Parbat arrived dated the 30th May 2009. I have enjoyed some interesting negotiations with Gerfried Goschl ( Leader of an Austrain Expedition) to share the costs of this expensive permit. I am guiding on the mountain and there are only three of us in our small expedition, Rick, Edward and myself as leader and mountain guide. It's cost effective to share a climbing permit between groups rather than us obtain one simply for ourselves! Many of the costs can be shared, including porters and land transport to reach base camp.

Also, yesterday I learned that all our Air Freight such as high altitude tents (Vango) and special pre- packed and specially pre- cooked meals made to a secret Sandy Allan formula and sealed in tough pouches are delayed in Karachi, India. Included in the shipment are our Primus Gas Stoves and some other utensils which were supplied by I am semi- confident that our agent Ali in Islamabad will be able to get them moving again and Pauline at TNT Glasgow has also been incredibly helpful.

Meanwhile back in Newtonmore, the Rhubarb crop has been massive, so yesterday I added Ginger, Vanilla pods and lemons and have made some tasty Jam. Nigella eat your heart out! European elections today so I must wander over to the village hall and cast that hard won vote!
Did you know that if you take all the letters from "Vango", they read Govan, originally the company were sail makers. Govan is on the river Clyde, and many famous ships were built there. As the great sailing ships were being replaced with coal making steam and then of course Oil ,the company diversified into making other products from their sails, tents being one of them. But please do not think that we are sleeping under sail canvas on Nanga Parbat!The tents are made of lightweght almost ballistic like nylon these days, incredibly light and there is no doubt that by the end of the expedition some of the tents will be torn to shreds by the fierce Karakorum weather. We have about a week to go and we will be departing for Pakistan.

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